Create a fabulous scrapbook in lockdown!

Let's get creative with PhotoBox!

During lockdown I for one have been looking at things to keep me busy. In my free time i've wanted to release my inner creative side and make something I can look back on.

I've got SOO MANY funky scrapbooks that I bought years ago that I've wanted to fill up and i'm guilty of leaving them blank for way too long. I think now is THE perfect time to get things like this done.

What's even better is that YOU can get £10 off your first order over £30 with PhotoBox! Yep, you heard it right £10 off. Simply just use my code to get this offer!

Struggling to spend £30 on prints alone? Why don't you get a loved one a personalised gift (perfect for a birthday present). PhotoBox have so many custom gifts for such reasonable prices; mugs, puzzles and calendars!

Here's a quick preview of one of my scrapbook pages! I like to keep it simple with a black paged sketchbook, washi tape and coloured gel pens! If you like the black and white washi tape I've used, you can buy a similar tape from Desenio!

Happy scrapbooking!


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