Life of a student photographer

Okay, so it's been a while since I last posted. I have been quite busy with University and two new job roles.

At university I am working on 4 small projects which keeps me busy, it's nice to have a variation of photography to work on! My latest project Closed in will be added to my website soon - its still a work in progress. The series is looking at the uncertainty the pandemic holds and the feeling of restrictiveness expressed through portraiture. I am hoping to create a small zine at the end of the semester which I will add to my shop! All of the images are taken at home, its a series of portraits of myself and my boyfriend.

Having University online has definitely been a challenge at times - with a lack of facilities and resources has been somewhat stressful, but perseverance is key. Hopefully, by next academic year, we can slowly gain more access and hopefully graduate next year!! It does feel like valuable time for learning has been stripped away from us as art students, as working in a studio environment allows you to maximise creativity, but with everything being virtual it has opened up new ways of learning.

Closed in: headlines, 2021.

I recently took up the role of a social media assistant at Hello Art - which involves me creating interesting content for their social media platforms and writing blog posts on their website! It's really great to be involved within an arts community and sharing other local artists work! I'll be posting content up on their website more regularly so check out my blog posts on the Hello Art website!

Sneak peek at my first artist interview-based blog - Support your local, featuring Edinburgh artist Constantine.

I am also a member of the University of Edinburgh sports union media team! I get to meet some really great people, our recent campaign 'People of the SU' is a series of portraits and interviews of inspiring members of the universities sports union. I got to meet and photograph Peter Sawkins - winner of the 2020 Tv show Great British Bake off! I'm also having this work published in the university prospectus and edit magazine - both of which are coming soon!

More recently we have been working on a new podcast, we started from the ground up on this project, which has been really exciting. For the first-ever episode I co-hosted with two other members of the media team, we interviewed three performance athletes for the University who all won awards at our latest sports ball (online). One of the guests will hopefully be heading to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics if it can still go ahead! Working with the media team on projects has been a valuable experience. I can't wait to do more post-covid.

Listen now - available on all major platforms: Spotify, Apple podcasts and Castro.

I have also been ordering prints of my work to add to my shop. To extend my shop - I will be selling art gifts as well, including; enamel pins, postcards, socks and handmade polymer earrings.

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